Appeal from Fleur

Hi everyone. I want to appeal to you all to be patient and understanding. At the moment we are getting around 100 phone calls a day. Last year in the middle of summer we were getting up to 200 a day! Imagine answering 100 - 200 phone calls a day!


One top of that we must have here at the moment around 300 birds and around 50 animals. All these need our care, from constant cleaning out, to constant feeding, from moving about to different cages, sheds and aviaries, to administering medication.


We literally run from one job to another all day until around 11pm at night!


Please understand that with all this going on it is utterly impossible for us to answer every phone call! We need to see to the birds, clean sheds and cages, or even stop and eat. If you ring and we don't answer please be understanding. There are just two of us doing everything. Rather than keep your finger on redail and get cross, leave us a message and we will phone you back. Please make sure you leave your number clearly. If you don't leave your number, or we cannot make out the numbers, we cannot ring you back!


If you have a bird for us please try your absolute hardest to get it to us. It is totally impossible for us to get to all birds and collect them. At this time of year we get about 20 - 30 birds in every day. We have a few loyal and wonderful people who collect for us but we are sending them out maybe 3 - 4 times a day each, every day, all over the county. It's their own time and money. They do it for us for nothing. If you don't have a car try an appeal to family and friends on facebook! Surely you know someone who can bring it to us.


We have never refused a bird yet even when we are full to bursting point, unless it is beyond our care and needs urgent vet help or unless it shouldn't come in. We don't mind what we do to help the birds and animals which need us. All we ask is a little help from you to get it here.


And lastly, when you are cross with us for not being able to get to you immediately or answer your call, please remember, we don't get paid for this. We work all day, every day, 7 days a week for the love of the wildlife. It's relentless, hard, unpaid work in our own home. Please give us a bit of support.


And on that note, if you'd like to donate to us we are always grateful. There's paypal links on this site, we also need dog and cat food, kitchen rolls and newspapers. Please bring papers flat and unfolded (like a book) as we spend hours unfolding piles of papers ready to use. Many thanks.