Can you help us?


2. If you are able to make a donation, especially if you bring us a bird or animal to care for, we will be very grateful. We spend up to £300 a week on tinned food for gulls alone during the summer, and £30 a tin on powdered milk for baby animals in the spring, as well as bird seed, fox food and all the other things we need for the creatures in our care. Donations are always put to good use.


3. If you would like to buy anything to help us, kitchen rolls are brilliant, and fish flavoured “Felix” tins are great please. We also use huge quantities of Nature diet, preferably chicken flavour. We use kitchen rolls all year round, nature diet is great for many birds, foxes and hedgehogs, and we use so much Felix and nature diet for the gulls. In fact the gulls eat any cat or dog food, tins or sashets.


4. We need hundreds of newspapers during the spring and summer months for cleaning out cages. With the guinea pigs we now use loads of papers all year round but in the spring and summer we need all we can get. Please briong papers flat, not folded or messy, as they take us ages to sort out.



5.    Please help us by bringing birds and animals to us whenever possible, as it is difficult to go out for everything. Each time we go out to collect, we are not at home feeding the creatures already in our care.


Thank you, but we do not need towels, blankets, shredded paper or budgie cages.


7.     Volunteers


Sorry but we cannot take volunteers to help with the animals...


 ... but we desperately need volunteers who will go and collect creatures for us when people are unable to bring them. 


This will involve you being called at any time of day (we try to avoid sending you out at night) and at busy times of the year we may call you most days and sometimes more than once a day.


We need people to cover areas like Shoreham and Southwick, central Brighton, Burgess Hill and Hassocks, Peacehaven and Seaford. It is good to have more than one person in each area as we get around 60 phone calls a day at peak times and many of those are pickups. Often there are ten pickups in different directions. This is why we ask people to bring things to us where at all possible!


If you are able to spare us a lot or a little time to collect birds and animals then please call us or click here.


Many thanks,


Fleur and Roger

1. The best way to help us is to join our “Roger’s World” club and receive a monthly recording and newsletter full of the latest news about rescues, updates on previous rescues, wildlife watch, music and chat with Roger presenting and Fleur chipping in! All produced  using presenting skills gained over many years on local radio!  For only £7 a month, £18.50 for 3 months or £36 for 6 months membership you will help us care for creatures all year long. For details of the club please ring us on 01273 308268 or click here to email us

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