More Birds

Birds trapped behind chimneys.


Sometimes birds fall down chimneys, especially wood pigeons and jackdaws. If you have a gas fire, you will need to contact the gas board as we cannot be responsible to removing and refitting a gas fire. Of course, if the bird needs help when free do call us, but normally it just needs letting out.

If your fireplace is boarded up it is helpful if you, or a friend, can release the bird yourself. Simply remove the board, let the bird out into the room, then open a window or door.

If this is not possible, or the bird is trapped or injured, then please call us. Sometimes a bird that has been trapped a while is very hungry and sooty so it is best to bring him in for convalescence.


Birds pecking windows.

Some birds, particularly chaffinches, will peck away frantically at windows and doors. This is a cock bird trying desperately to chase away his reflection, thinking it is a rival. The best thing to do is to cover the glass, outside if possible, with a curtain, net or cardboard, until the bird gives up and goes away.


Birds trapped on aerials, under netting etc.

We get calls about birds trapped under garden

pond netting or netting put up to keep them off

buildings, and also sometimes tied up in

fishing line which, in itself, can cause injuries

and suffering, but can also become entangled

with aerials etc, like with this black headed gull.

If a bird is trapped please do call us, unless you

 are able to free it yourself. East Sussex Fire

and Rescue Service are happy to help us with birds trapped in impossible places! Birds with fishing tackle in their wings, feet and beaks need careful untangling and maybe an operation to remove an internal hook. If you see fishing wire hanging from its beak please do not cut it, as it may be possible to use the end to remove the hook without an operation.


Birds flying into windows

If a bird hits your window but does not look injured, only stunned, put it somewhere dark and quiet in a box for an hour or two. Usually by then it is ready to release. If it is still unwell then please ring or bring it to us.  If it keeps happening, perhaps consider getting some stickers from the RSPB to put in the window so birds can see the glass.



Seagull on aerial