Home-from-home holidays



We cater for:



                                    Guinea pigs Rats




                                       Rabbits Hamsters





Gerbils    Tortoises  






    Pet Chickens                                              Other small pets, chinchillas, lizards,

                                         pygmy hedgehogs etc.  


Sorry, but we cannot take cats, dogs or ferrets.

Also we are not taking on any new caged birds as we are now so busy with other small pets and don't have to time to let birds out.

Rabbits: We can cater for outdoor or

hutches which open onto a cobbled

run, so rabbits can hop in and out as

they please. They have toys and

igloos to play with and hide in, litter

 trays if the animals are used to them, and are regularly cleaned.

Guinea Pigs: We can cater for outdoor and house guinea pigs. We have outdoor hutches where guinea pigs can snuggle in hay and hide in tunnels, and runs on the grass for during the day. The lawns are large and sheltered, so are cool in the hot sun and sheltered from wind and rain. We have an animal room with indoor cages for guinea pigs used to being in the house, and for all guinea pigs in winter. Some owners prefer to bring the animals in their own cage or hutch so they feel at home, and this is fine. We have a range of dried guinea pig foods, and all guineas get a tray of fresh fruit and veg each day.


Gerbils, Rats and Hamsters: Smaller animals can stay in our animal room. We have a run set up with tunnels, houses, climbing frames and tubes so they can exercise each day. We handle the animals daily and give them fresh fruit and vegetable or nut treats. Normally small animals come in their own tank or cage. We have a variety of different dried foods for these animals.

Booking In::Naturally our busiest times are school holidays and, while we can fit in a large number of pets, it is best if you can book as soon as you can to make sure of a place. This is especially important for rabbits and guinea pigs as we only have a limited number of hutches and runs.

We will do our best to fit your pet in if you do need to make an emergency booking at the last minute.


Payment: You can pay by cash or cheque and most people pay at the end of the stay. Often, with flight delays and the changeable weather, people do not know exactly when they will pick up their pet, so paying at the end allows you to be flexible. Please make sure you call us if you are very delayed, as we may well be waiting to use the hutch for another pet at busy times.







Pairs of rabbits/guinea pigs £7 per day

Single rabbits/guinea pigs £4.50 per day

Chickens/cockatiels/tortoises: £2 per day.

Rats, hamsters, budgies: £1.50 per day. Gerbils: £3 per tank/cage per day.


Call Fleur on 01273 308268 or click here to contact us.

Tortoises: These can use a rabbit run during the day or go with Roger’s own tortoises in their large enclosure. They get a variety of fresh food each day.


We have a range of dried rabbit foods and all rabbits get a tray of fresh veg and fruit each afternoon. Some owners like to bring the rabbit’s bowl or toys so they feel at home.

We also have extra hutches and an animal room with indoor cages. Rabbits housed in these can go out each day in a run on the grass. The lawns are large and sheltered, so are cool in the hot sun and sheltered from wind and rain

With all your pets we promise:


To treat them as if they are our own – ie give them regular attention, food and clean bedding and take care of them if they are ill

· To make sure that they are safely housed and secured at night (all the animals are    shut it and hutches have bolts)

· To let them out whenever possible for exercise To give them appropriate fresh and dried food


To get your pet veterinary treatment if necessary, but not to run up unnecessary vet bills. To help us do this, please inform us of any medical conditions, or concerns about their health when you book in or bring them. We have had some nasty shocks when serious conditions have become obvious while pets were here, and after trips to the vet and worry on our part, the owners have told us they knew all about it

If your pet does require medicine during its stay we will give it.

At Rogers Wildlife Rescue, Fleur takes care of your pets while you are away.

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