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Hello! I'm Rebecca and I help my Mummy and Daddy at "Roger's Wildlife Rescue" in Woodingdean. I'm eleven now, and very keen on horses.

This is my pony, Lily. She's young and keen and very beautiful.

This is the pony I've been loaning, called Moo. She lives at Carol's Yard. She's old now, and has only one eye, but she taught me to ride and be confident and I love her very much.

My favourite thing to do with the wildlife is to clean out gull chicks. I am old enough to get on with the job myself now which is a big help to Mummy.

Mummy, Daddy and I like to go on picnics in the countryside and watch wildlife.

I'm starting secondary school in September. I can play piano, guitar and violin, ride a pony, swim and do ballet. I'm good at art and English and I like being with my friends. But most of all I love horses and ponies!

Rebecca 11 happy rider and pony Off the lead rein picnics Cleaning gulls