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Hi, I’m Becca. I’m 14 years old and I’m part of Roger’s Wildlife Rescue. I’ve grown up with wildlife and have always been involved with holding birds and animals, cleaning out and feeding. This was me when I was little!

I still love all animals, but now I am more into horses. I have 4 ponies and my mum has a horse.

Moo was my first loan pony who still lives in the herd where our ponies live. I see the ponies every day and I love helping with riding lessons, schooling ponies and hacking.


When I leave school I really want to work with horses. I considered being an equine vet or phycologist or training horses and ponies, but now I think I’d like to breed rare breeds of horses. I also want to work with Riding for the Disabled and maybe teach riding.I’m just starting my GCSE subjects at school. I’m doing triple science, history, music and Spanish as well as English and Maths. I love doing art, dancing around to music and making videos for YouTube and Instagram. I can play guitar, piano, violin and recorder and I’m a good swimmer. Before covid I was training to do life saving.


I am interested in photography and like taking pictures of the horses and my friends jumping. I took this picture of a scarlet tiger moth, and these pictures of Skyler Bear and Lily. 


I used to have two rats called Blaze and Sunbeam. Sunbeam has died but Blaze is really old and loves to rummage in my bed. I’ve had lots of other pets: guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, gerbils and a cockatiel. 

For the coming year I’d like an end to covid, fewer gull chicks, more ponies and more quorn roast and Yorkshire pudding!

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