A Safe Haven for Animals




To report an injured animals or bird please

call 01273 308268

Please note:

  • If you don’t leave your phone number we cannot get back to you.


  • Please leave your number clearly and slowly.

  • Please be patient if we don’t answer the phone. There are only two of us. We cannot be by the phone all the time but we always phone back anyone who leaves their number clearly on a message as soon as possible.


  • If we don’t answer the phone please leave a message rather than continually redialling. 


  • We get well over 100 phone calls a day, we get up to 30 people a day coming with birds and we are looking after around 2000 creatures a year, working from early morning until around 11 at night in the busy periods, so please be understanding. We can’t do everything at once.

  • No one actually pays us for this. We do it voluntarily. We run entirely on donations and income from “Roger’s World,” so please don’t treat us like we are not doing our job if we won’t come dashing out for a bird when we have been working for hours voluntarily. We are here for birds and animals 365 days a year and all we ask is that people bring them to us if they possibly can.


  • We have volunteers who will collect for us, from vets and from people who have no way of bringing things to us. These amazing people do not work for us. They are not here ready to be sent out when we get a call. They are all people who have offered to go when we call them. So, when we get a call and need something collected, we start at the top of a list and phone around until we can get someone to go. These volunteers are people who are happy for us to call them at home. They do it for us and for the wildlife, entirely at their own expense and in their own time so, if one of them comes to you, please remember they are volunteers. We couldn’t do what we do without their help! Also please save them where possible by bringing things yourself.

  • Please remember it all takes place in our home and be respectful of our privacy and property if you come with a bird or animal.


  • We don’t actually have opening and closing times, but it’s just us all the time, no night staff, so if you find a bird in the early hours of the morning or late at night please be understanding if we don’t answer the phone or door. We leave carriers for people to leave birds and animals in by our gate therefore you can drop things off to us 24 hours a day even if we are not around. (Before covid the carriers were in our garage and one day we will do this again, for now they are at our gate).

  • We have remained open throughout the Covid 19 pandemic but we have asked people to stay outside our gate to protect ourselves. We would like people to still remain outside our gate until we feel it is safe to let people come back in. Please remember, our rescue centre is also our home and we have the right to feel safe here. Unlike other people, we potentially have dozens of strangers daily coming through our gate, touching things and being in our private space. We have every right to make the gate our barrier and make our home our safe place. Throughout the pandemic the majority of people have respected this. One or two people have still come through the gate and have been annoyed at being asked to go back out. Veterinary surgeries still expect people to wait outside, numbers of covid cases are on the rise again and, just because we are now allowed to socialise more doesn’t mean we want dozens of strangers each day wandering onto our property. Please respect our Stop signs at our gate, call us from there or leave birds in the boxes and we will continue to care for all the birds and animals that come to us.

                   Thank you Roger, Fleur and Becca.