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A Safe Haven for Animals

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To report an injured animals or bird please

call 01273 308268

Please note:

  • If you don’t leave your phone number we cannot get back to you.


  • Please leave your number clearly and slowly.

  • Please be patient if we don’t answer the phone. There are only two of us. We cannot be by the phone all the time but we always phone back anyone who leaves their number clearly on a message as soon as possible.


  • If we don’t answer the phone please leave a message rather than continually redialling. 


​Roger's Wildlife (Woodingdean) is still here

Along with rules and regulations that are being tightened these days, we have decided to take things a little easier by not taking baby herring gulls and squirrels. The latter is now illegal to rear and return to the wild, so this has forced us not to take this unfortunate creatures in future.  Also we have been told not to accept wild birds that are injured unless they have first been assessed by a vet.

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